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206 km/u over afstand 931km in DG1000M zweefvliegtuig - US Sierra Nevada
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Geplaatst op 28-04-2012 09:36
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Op 26 april 2012 door Jim Payne in een DG 1001M, zie OLC: http://www.online...Id=2299165

Wave season returns … at least for an afternoon.
From the April 23 forecast the upper air charts showed a small low pressure system passing well south of Rosamond followed by a system to the north that would bring afternoon wave in the Sierra so we planned a Speed-OLC mission. Dennis and I both spent the morning in the office … then we delayed the launch waiting for a good foehn gap at Mojave. The day played out as expected … many good markers south of Hiawee Reservoir and blue to the north except for an occasional wisp of rotor cu … the wind clocked around to be very northwesterly which meant going north was much slower than going south.
Took a tow because last flight the DG engine monitor indicated some momentarily faults even though the engine otherwise appeared normal.
Dennis and I especially enjoyed the first southbound leg … with the winds indicating 286° magnetic at 87 knots the tail wind component was significant … going by Mt Whitney with the groundspeed showing up to 417 kph should be on everyone’s soaring “bucket list” … did the 175 km leg at 365 kph while gaining 500 feet.
The DG has 8,661km and 75.3 hours in the last 7 flights. Had a Sage 2 clearance to FL290 inside R-2508 and had overfly of R2515 above 11,000 feet.
The DG is equipped with FAR compliant navigation lights, strobes, and landing light.
Once again I must credit the OLC for giving me an excuse to take a “pilot proficiency afternoon” from work.
Thanks, Cindy for arranging the Sage 2, Chris for the tow, and Rod & Jackie for crewing.

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