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Docu: Von Strausberg zum Mount Everest - Forschungsabenteuer im Hightech-Segler
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The fabulous images of the Mountain Wave Project are shown in a film, whose premiere took place a few days ago in Berlin. FAI Director Alvaro De Orleans, who closely followed these outstanding achievements, was among the string of aviation personalities attending at the event. He commented:

“The beautiful film strongly enhances the value of the expedition, because it inspires many more young people to dream about such scientific adventures; ultimately, such attitudes translate in higher, country wide rates of innovation, a socially and economically very valuable outcome.”

As for Rene Heise, he emphasised the appropriate role of OSTIV to exploit synergies of air sports and the sciences regarding the exploration the atmosphere and ecological monitoring for sustainable research as well as developments.

bron: http://www.fai.or...n-a-glider
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