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Geplaatst op 17-06-2016 12:46

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Weet iemand waar je sleep-stangen + bijbehorende tail-dolly's kunt kopen voor de ASK21 en ASK23 ?

Gewijzigd door llobera1999 op 17-06-2016 15:05
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Geplaatst op 17-06-2016 12:58

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Imi, Spindelberger, Gebu, Schleicher. Vast nog op meer plekken.
Gewijzigd door ericmunk op 17-06-2016 13:45
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Geplaatst op 17-06-2016 13:13

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Ter info:

We use an IMI towbar on our ASH25, it is a great bit of kit and the
lifting cradle saves a lot of backache when fitting the tailboot. The tow
bar has a shaft that slots into a tube that is mounted above the wheel
of the tailboot, When towing, the bar is on the left of the fin and
rudder and usually the top of the bar is higher than the bottom of the
rudder. The gotcha is that on undulating ground it is possible for the
top of the bar to be lower than the underside of the rudder then, with
a cross wind from the right of the glider, the rudder can be blown to
the left ending up above the towbar and get trapped there. It
happened to us, we could not lift the bar off the tow hitch for fear of
damaging the rudder but managed to lift the rear fuselage and free the
rudder, luckily the rudder was not damaged.
There is an ASG29 on site using the same towout system which has
suffered damage to its rudder and the only logical explanation is that
the rudder has been in contact with the towbar.

An easy fix to the situation is to fit a rudder lock. A simple rudder lock

can be made out of some 32mm pushfit plastic pipe and four 90deg
push fit connectors from B&Q plus some pipe insulation. Cut two
pieces of pipe to the required length join the tubes using two 90deg
connectors and a short section of the tube roughly equivalent to the
width of the fin, at the other end use a couple more 90deg connectors
facing out and wrap elastic chords, Velcro, straps or whatever to tie
the rear ends together. Use the foam pipe insulation to pack out any
gap between the tubes and the rudder. When you are happy with the
fit of the rudder lock, stabilise the push fit connections using adhesive
or pop rivets.

Bron: http://uras.glide...69&vt=
Gewijzigd door Dinant op 17-06-2016 13:13
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