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Geplaatst op 01-10-2016 04:53

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Een stukje proza http://www.segelf...p;id=10051

For Sale: The heart of the DSA

This driving piece of art is for sale since our club decided that flying is more important than winching in style. The DSA was originally established to preserve and operate the “DSA-winch”, flying was of minor importance and merely a means to have something to winch. Flying members were tolerated to provide a steady income that was exclusively used to keep the DSA-winch in pristine condition. And does it show…

Over the years of beautiful winching numerous improvements have been made and copious amounts of money were spent for the sole benefit of the winch. Lovingly have engine, traction and drivetrain been babied to perfection. It’s quite possible that no better winch exists in this part of our galaxy today. NASA investigated the possibility of winching Neil Armstrong to the moon but this plan was dropped after it became clear that he would not survive the immense acceleration.

This acceleration is generated by the hefty power plant of the DSA-winch: a Ford 385 7.5L V8! This engine is the epitome of reliability and power/displacement ratio. Maintenance work has only been performed for the sole reason that it is cool to do; this engine is so good that no repairs were ever actually needed. Oh and did I mention the Flame Thrower ignition?

The winch is mounted on a beautiful DAF 1300 truck where 1300 stands for the amount of horsepower this baby puts on the rear wheels. It can do a ¼ mile in under 9 seconds and that’s without the afterburner.


On a more serious note:
davidh voegde de volgende afbeelding bij:

blipmaps.nl | prosoar.de | lk8000.it | www.zweefvlieg.ne... | http://www.soarin...viewer.php
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Geplaatst op 03-10-2016 08:35

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waarom komen toch al die Nederlandse "oude" lieren op de markt voor een prijs waar je nu een ### voor kan kopen Secret
CU under the Cu
Frank Schellenberg
GLC Illustrious

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Geplaatst op 03-10-2016 08:49

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Omdat vorig jaar nog een "oude" nederlandse lier verkocht is voor zo'n bedrag verkocht is omdat er al een # # # gekocht was Annoy
(Ben niet Pascal Kersten.)
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