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Gliding weather arrives the middle of Europe
BildHet OLC-Team was behoorlijk onder indruk van de vlucht van Bart Renckens afgelopen zondag. Onderstaand bericht is op 29 maart j.l. geplaatst op de OLC website:

Gliding weather arrives the middle of Europe:
Last Sunday 350 km have been achieved in the Netherlands.

So it looks like "Mr. Winter" has lost itīs power, finally. Weatherimprovement has been confirmed by several flights in the West and Northwest of Europe.

Besides a flight in France (Philippe de Pechy, who took-off from Rennes for 452,4 km) and in Southern Germany where Wolfgang Woiwode sen. started his 376,51 km at Bruchsal, we were impressed above all by a flight of Bart Renckens (NL).He took-off at Soesterberg, flew a classic OLC 6 leg distance of 361,65 km. Really formidable the route of flight: The trace shows up close to Amsterdam and the North Sea in the west, near Antwerpen in the south and finally some low mountain range north of Arnheim were of use.

Fine, that Bart wrote a litlle comment in the OLC flight info field: "Biggest part of the flight together with Sikko Vermeer. He took off earlier then me so we joined up as he returned from Woensdrecht and when I went to Soesterberg again he did a little detour via Malden. We had nice coop from ATC to cross all militairy CTR's on our way. Interesting weather with a few showers and not to high cloudbase most of the time." Here you find the flight.

Bart Renckens sent us a mail:
I fly at Soesterberg. Until last year that was a Dutch airforce base but closed as of 2009. Our glidingclub, Amsterdamsche Club voor Zweefvliegen has managed to be able to stay on the field and become a glidingfield as of this year. The base will be transferred into a large nature reserve/museum but thanks a couple of members we were able to stay a part of the new developed area.
Our club also has a high amount of OLC pilots and the last years we always managed to finish in the top 5 of clubs worldwide. Hopefully this flight will help to stay as high ranked as last years!

Hi Bart, thanks for these lines and the nice pictures - Reiner

Bild Bild Bild
One of the showers we encountered, this one was above the city of Utrecht. The Ventus 2cT "CC" with Sikko Vermeer just south of the city of Zwolle. We fly into the sun again (just before the lowest point in the flight).
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