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augustus 2012

Welcome to the second Europe Air Sports Newsletter of this year:



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Europe Air Sports nieuwsbrief september 2012


David Roberts, EAS President, reports on ‘the first step’ and ‘a majormilestone’

At its meeting on 18th September, the EASA Management Board (MB) endorsed the GA sub group’s paper on a future safety strategy for GA. The MB commissioned the paper in March 2012 following a paper written by EAS with IAOPA (Europe). It is the result of work from April to July of a group of GA personnel including two EAS board members, 5 NAAs, the Commission and EASA, led by the French DGAC’s Patrick Cipriani.
The endorsement is a major milestone in the journey towards a more proportionate approach to European safety rulemaking for GA. The principles, guidelines and 10 recommended actions covered by the paper now have to be programmed into the work of the European Commission, EASA, the Member States and indeed GA representative bodies. This work is unlikely to be concluded in a short period, though some actions are planned to take place over the next six to nine months.

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KLIK-> Europe Air Sports nieuwsbrief november 2012 (pdf)

Welcome to the last Europe Air Sports Newsletter of this year. There is news of a number
of Notices of Proposed Amendments and other developments, with some short deadlines if
you want to respond. Please see the dates in red! We wish all our readers a Merry
Christmas and a peaceful New Year in 2013, with many happy landings.

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Februari 2013: http://www.europe..._final.pdf

A new year and time for all those resolutions to enjoy ourselves in our favourite air sport and to make the most of the weather, whatever it is. EAS Board members have been busy as usual, working behind the scenes to keep you flying and to slow down the march of regulation. Whatever you fly, we hope that you enjoy the better weather when it arrives and have plenty of great quality flying.

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Mei 2013: http://www.europe...y_2013.pdf

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October-November 2013: http://www.europe...v_2013.pdf

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Maart 2014: http://www.europe...r_2014.pdf

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April 2014: http://www.europe..._final.pdf

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Juni 2014: http://www.europe...e_2014.pdf

Met oa:

What is the truth about the different rumours that are spreading? These rumours say that there may be changes to the timing and the scope of the approval process of Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) for the PPL, SPL, BPL and the three LAPLs. Her e is the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Juni 2014: http://www.europe...e_2014.pdf

Met oa:

What is the truth about the different rumours that are spreading? These rumours say that there may be changes to the timing and the scope of the approval process of Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) for the PPL, SPL, BPL and the three LAPLs. Her e is the light at the end of the tunnel.

MUCH ADO ABOUT ATO? by Rudolf Schuegraf
What is the truth about the different rumours that are spreading? These rumours say that there may be changes to the timing and the scope of the approval process of Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) for the PPL, SPL, BPL and the three LAPLs. Here is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Beginning training for a LAPL(S)
It took Europe Air Sports more than two years of competent cooperation with EASA and intensive exchange of arguments with the European Commission, to start a new approach to the conversion process of Registered Facilities to ATOs and the process to approve Training Organisations for the gliding and ballooning community.

In particular, these developments on ATOs, including the workshop in May, were the direct result of discussions between EAS and Filip Cornelis (Head of Aviation Safety, European Commission) and Jules Kneepkens (EASA Rulemaking Director) at the EAS Conference in Istanbul in March.
The present opt-out period comes to an end in April 2015, in less than a year’s time.

The whole subject will be an issue during the next meeting of the EASA Committee in Brussels on 7th July 2014.
The delegates of the Member States will discuss and, hopefully, come to conclusions which will help members of Europe Air Sports most.

On the agenda will be the question of whether the opt-out period will come to an end as planned in April 2015, or whether it will be extended for a substantial time period, to ease the timing pressure both on Organisations and authorities.

EASA will make the necessary proposals and provide possible solutions for the follow on consequences and the implications for flying instruction and licence issues.

The idea of the opt-out extension is the result of a recent two day workshop organised in mid-May in Cologne by EASA and well led by Matthias Borgmeier, attended by stakeholders and an unusually large number of aviation authorities.

Two important matters came out of the May workshop:-
 The Agency (EASA) holds a strong and clear position, that training Organisations for the PPL A, SPL and BPL, the LAPL and all the associated ratings should always be considered non-complex, irrespective of the size or their bureaucratic structure.
This position is backed by the Commission. Therefore the requirements are by default lower than those for complex Training Organisations.

 For short term alleviations for training towards non-professional licences, it was
agreed by all participants that modifying and amending the Acceptable Means of
Compliance (AMCs) is the only way to ease the pressure from the Training industry.

The first drafts should be ready in mid-July for three workgroups to review them,
with the clear aim of simplification to achieve lower cost and removing unnecessary

EAS has insisted, for the medium and long-term outcomes, that the Implementing Rules
on Licensing and Approved Training Organisations must also be reviewed. In the long
term, the Basic Regulation 216/2008, with all the Essential Requirements, needs a
thorough scan by EAS to assess the need for changes to be able to comply with the GARoadmap

The second item on the July agenda of the EASA Committee will be a completely new
approach, introduced by Executive Director Patrick Ky to the Management Board in early
June, and discussed in SSCC (Safety Standards Consultative Committee) and the relevant

The proposal, if accepted,
-would completely delete the requirement to deliver Flight Instruction for PPL and LAPL in an Approved Training Organisation. It would also
-allow individual instructors, as in the US, to provide flight instruction to students who
apply for a PPL A, SPL, BPL and LAPL.

As always, the combination of a series of measures might achieve the maximum benefits
for airsports and recreational aviation as part of General Aviation.
A provisional unofficial picture described by René Meier, Programme Manager
The drawing below depicts the new structure of EASA which is supposed to become
effective by 1 September 2014.

Een interressante ontwikkeling zo onverwachts.

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Als ik dat zo lees dan kan het haast niet anders dan dat de ingangsdatum voor het LAPL gaat verschuiven, of zie ik dat nu verkeerd? Hoe kun je nu een Europees gestandaardiseerd papiertje invoeren als niet duidelijk in welke structuur mensen moeten worden opgeleid om dit papiertje te halen? Of het moet zo zijn dat EASA hun hele handen er vanaf trekt.

PS: Ik ken Patrick Ky nog uit zijn periode als Program director voor SESAR en ik ben uiterst verbaasd dat hij een proposal zoals hier genoemd van zijn hand komt.

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Europe Air Sports Newsletter, July 2014

Met twee belangrijke EASA ontwikkelingen.

Lees: http://www.europe...y_2014.pdf

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Europe Air Sports nieuwsbrief november 2014

Lees: http://www.europe..._2014_.pdf

We have reports here on the recent major developments within EASA and we will svery soon also end you some news on technical matters.

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Europe Air Sports nieuwsbrief december 2014

Lees: http://www.europe...r_2014.pdf

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Europe Air Sports nieuwsbrief februari 2015

Lees: http://www.europe...y_2015.pdf

At this stage of the implementation, there is no opportunity/intent to revise the regulation.
Hence, if you seek exemptions for the carriage of 8,33 kHz capable radios you need to discuss and negotiate at the national level.
So far most Member States have chosen not to convert VFR frequencies except in the case of the Netherlands, which mandates 8,33 kHz in its airspace for all VFR flights from 8 January 2015 already.

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Transponder 2.0

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Europe Air Sports nieuwsbrief mei 2015

Lees: http://www.europe...y_2015.pdf

Met o.a.

Over the coming months, critical decisions will be made on, for example:
- simplified procedures for initial airworthiness;
- lighter maintenance requirements through Part-M Light;
- flight training without the excessive organisational requirements for training organisations;
- enablers for IFR flying by GA;
- a new, performance-based structure of regulation, starting with balloons but likely to be extended to other categories of aircraft.

At the same time, the processes by which safety is managed are maturing, moving towards a risk-based approach. This should enable better participation by the GA community in the management of safety, allowing us to prioritise resources on valuable safety initiatives rather than fighting bad rules.

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Als je er commentaar op wil geven (Deel 1) dat moet dat wel voor:

The extended comment period ends now on 29 February 2016. Please make use of the Agency’s Comment Response Tool (CRT) or send your comments to the Programme Manager no later than Friday, 19 February 2016.

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EAS nieuwsbrief augustus 2016: KLIK

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EAS nieuwsbrief december 2016: KLIK

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EAS nieuwsbrief april 2017: KLIK

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EAS nieuwsbrief zomer 2017: KLIK

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EAS nieuwsbrief zomer 2017: KLIK

Als je het stuk over de stand van zaken over het zweefvliegen leest:

Dan wordt het misschien zelfs al begin 2021 als het klaar is ! (in plaats van oorspronkelijk april 2015 en later april 2018)

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EAS nieuwsbrief herfst 2017: KLIK