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Welcome to the autumn newsletter of the EGU. I hope that you have had an enjoyable and successful gliding season. The year seems to have been a good one for gliding in many parts of the continent. Europe hosted two successful world gliding championships in Finland and in Poland, as well as a very exciting World Sailplane Grand Prix final in France – and the OLC and other national ladders record a very impressive range of flying more generally. European glider pilots certainly seem to make the best of the available weather.
In the last newsletter, I reflected on how much of an affect EASA has made on gliding in Europe. My ‘score sheet’ was not a particularly positive one for the organization. After many years of work, and after having spent untold amounts of money on developing new regulations that directly or indirectly impact on gliding, EASA has left us, in general, in a significantly poorer position than we were at the outset.

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