Onderwerp: Zweefportaal - Alles over zweefvliegen :: 1000 km's door NL zweefvliegers op het zuidelijk halfrond seizoen 2014 / 2015

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3 december 2014 - Pokweni (NA)

Daan Pare / Jos Smit 1.037,4 km > KLIK

After my "technical outlanding" of two days ago, I was careful today to depart in the "safe" NE-direction towards the only cumulus clouds in sight. A first leg in the blue to the SE over Stampriet was out of the question for me. This meant however that, while following the cu's, we made a large detour via Nossob and Aminius to a turn a few km's past MataMata. To the West all was still blue and therefore we followed the cu's back to the North. This didn't go to well and we then we had to cross a huge blue gap in the direction of Pokweni, which was slow going. We did pass Stampriet in the blue and turned West towards a nice cloudstreet from Mariental to the North. This finally went well and cloudbase rose from 4000m to well over 5000m MSL. Racing this cloudstreet back and forth we managed to extend the flight over the 1000km mark. This was an interesting day and we had to work a lot harder than the previous days...