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8 december 2014 - Pokweni (NA)

Daan Pare / Jos Smit 1.037,3 km > KLIK

A nice treat on our 11th and last flying day...the weather developed slower than expected and on the first leg in the direction of Lendepas there was a large blue hole. We therefore decided to turn right direction Keetmanshoop and follow the cumulus clouds. South and west of Keetmanshoop there were showers, so we turned north. In spite of the nice looking clouds I couldn't center the thermals and progress was slow (and hot) between 2300m and 3200m msl. Only after Jos took over the controls we climbed to 5000m and our XC-speed increased sufficiently to complete our 7th 1000+km flight of this (again) very enjoyable stay at Pokweni Farm. Thank you Jos, Annalie, Axel, Wolfgang and Katharina...