Onderwerp: Zweefportaal - Alles over zweefvliegen :: Video: Gliders Do A Farnborough 1961

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YouTube: https://www.youtu...AdQpqKq6sE

"Windrusher" gliders do a Farnborough display. Various aerial shots two light aircraft towing two gliders. G/V gliders parked on the airfield. L/S woman getting into one of the gliders. The pilot and passenger tighten their safety belts. C/U man hooking on the tow rope to the nose of the glider and testing it. L/S as glider is towed away to take off. C/U winch working. Ground to air shot glider in the air, it drops the tow rope. C/U man watching through binoculars. Ground to air shot rider looping the loop. C/U couple watching. Panning shot glider landing.