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Beweeg in de dagelijkse scoringslijst de muispijl over de info-icoon www.onlinecontest.org/olc-2.0/images/olc_v2/style/icon_info.gif en je ziet een pop-up met een klein kaartje + barogram van de betreffende vlucht.

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After the latest update you can now take advantage of an innovative new feature: Thumb-Maps.
Simply move your mouse to the info-icon in the daily scoring list on the far right end of the line and let it hover. A new window will open up. Without clicking the icon you can already gain a quick overview on the map and have a look at the flight’s barogram. It is thus easy to get a good idea who has been flying and where the pilot scored points. The new feature is database-driven and it will also work with all flights of past years.

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