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Gepubliceerd op 4 apr. 2016 - Reality was better than the forecast so Matt, James and I went to the seaside. The forecast was promising to deliver southerly winds but with the usual associated low orographic murk during the morning with a clearance around lunch time by which time the wind would back to the east scuppering any dreams of a trip to the seaside. The gods, it seems, smile on the hopeful and an early break in the clouds resulted in a mad dash to rig and go. I'll have to admit there was a fair amount of adrenaline and tingling nerves when I came off tow which I managed to get under control with a gentle float up and down the coast sussing out many, many escape fields. Satisfied with my options it was time to show off gliding to the coast path walkers. Epic couple of hours with H5 and ENW. Thanks dudes!

Music : Into the Fire - Thirteen Senses

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