Onderwerp: Zweefportaal - Alles over zweefvliegen :: Zweefvliegtuigen gestolen in Aalborg, DK

Geplaatst door Ballie op 02-11-2017 14:19

Bron: Michael Mix Gliding via Facebook.
6 planes where stolen from Aviator Gliding Club in Aalborg this week! It happened between Tuesday and Thursday! IF you see or hear Anything please let Us know... They where removed from their trailers!!!! Following planes Are missing
Duo Discus T (OY-RAX)
LS6 18w (OY-XRG)
DG 400 (OY-XPD)
Pegase (OY-RGX)
Contact Jens Bonderup Kjeldsen – AVIATOR – Aalborg Svæveflyveklub
Or me and i Will put you in contact!
Please share everywhere!!!