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Antwoord van K6 team, ze geven 5 opties:

if you set the Flarm to Baudrate 4800bps, it should work.

If you want to use the Flarm data for Butterfly or a PDA/PNA program like SeeYouMobile (Flarmradar) the minimum baudrate 19200bps is required (Standard)

There are more options possible.

1. Flarm (or Redbox) + K6 Mux + Butterfly + connection to Garrecht s-mode transponder. The K6 Mux can filter the data and change baudrate to 4800bps.

2. Flarm (or Redbox) + Bluebox TRX-1090 + Butterfly + connection to the transponder. You get with or without the transponder the position and altitude of the other aircraft with transponder.

3. TRX-2000 ADS-B / Transponder - Trafficmonitor mit Schnittstelle zu original-FLARM(R) Geräten. optional: FLARM(R) integriert.

4. PowerFLARM

5. The simpliest and cheapest version is a Holux GPS mouse with a 5V DC/DC converter only for the transponder.

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