Europe Air Sports: GA Strategy papers now available
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Deze documenten vormen de uitgangspunten van een grondige herziening van het EU-beleid voor de recreatieve luchtvaart. Europe Air Sports is in nauw overleg met Europese "decision-makers" om de uitgangspunten van deze documenten te realiseren.

This paper is the response by the appointed group to the EASA Management Board’s (MB) request on 13th March 2012 for a summary of proposed principles and guidelines to inform the future regulation of General Aviation (GA) in Europe. Although this has initially been prepared in the context of the reflection led by the Management Board on the Agency strategy, it has eventually proved to be wider than that, encompassing recommendations for the Agency but also for the Commission, the Member States and the Users. For this reason the title of the paper has been changed from "EASA General Aviation Strategy" to "European General  Aviation Safety Strategy".

The paper identifies the key rationales that make it necessary and possible to adopt a specific new approach for GA. This new approach is seen as an urgent necessity by the GA community in order to assure a sustainable development of that community in Europe and avert a dramatic loss of activity as a result of over regulation, with effects far beyond GA industry alone: GA is essential to European excellence in Aeronautics, and contributes to the current strength of major European airlines and aircraft manufacturers.

The paper proposes principles, guidelines to sustain these principles, and actions to be taken as soon as possible to make the principles and guidelines effective. The main paper proposed to the MB is supported by a discussion paper where the opinions and arguments developed in the working group may be found in more detail. The discussion paper encompasses a set of varied recommendations which have been the basis for the guidelines and actions in the main paper and have been grouped, under their original form of recommendations, as an annex to the discussion paper.